About Imgist

Imgist is a project founded by Guru Khalsa, a longtime user of the popular link-sharing site reddit. It was originally developed as a way to quickly do what he always did on reddit- open up all the imgur links and then tab through them.

The "tabs" method was in dire need of improvement. Tabs don't give you the context of the image (the title), or an easy way back to the comments, so a lot of the jokes are lost. And when you have slow internet, they all load at the same time, so it takes forever to see them.

A further problem with reddit is that unless you want to miss stuff, you have to check it every day, or wade through the "best of the week" or "best of the month" options. There's no easy way to see all the funny stuff you haven't seen yet. Imgist fixes that too, by just having all the images from the top pages stored chronologically. With imgist, there's no more stress just leaving- you can always pick right back up where you left off.

There's more- it's not easy to save and share funny images discovered on reddit. Although you can just link the picture to people, the title will be missing. And it's impossible to quickly browse your favorites- the best you can do is download them, and that's a pain too. With a user account on imgist, you can store, browse, and share your favorites with ease.

Finally, imgist adds a killer feature: speed. Imgist is insanely fast. It preloads all of the images, so while you're reading one, it's loading the others. Just click next, and BAM, you're immediately on the next one. It's addictive.

Right now imgist uses reddit exclusively for its images, but it may eventually add other sources. Imgist is not a replacement for reddit- rather, it's another way to more conveniently browse reddit's content.

Imgist almost didn't exist, because once the first prototype was up the founder would spend most of his time using it instead of building more of it. As mentioned before, it's addictive. Give it a try…